Friday, October 9, 2009

Another French Fan's First Exposure to Magma (Thanks Willy)

(Willy, I made a few corrections to your English ... very minor corrections)

Another French man, with a very bad English.... so sorry !

I started listening "serious music" at 14 yo, with Frank Zappa, King Crimson, Allan Holdsworth, Mahavishnu orchestra, U.K.... and became a huge fan of Frank Zappa the year after.

At 17, it was in may 1989, i was invited to a party with people older than me. Everybody was sitting in the living room, listening mostly to progressive music, drinking wine, discussing music... we were about 20.

Suddenly, I heard something I never heard before. It was Magma, playing M.D.K (album version). Burps, "what is it", I said, "it looks like cheap Carmina Burana mixed with some kind of Stravinsky". I tried to concentrate on the music, but I failed. No complex rhythms, no virtuoso electric guitar, no percussion... and the piece was so long.... more than 40 minutes !

I said, "whaouh, it's original, but it's not for me. Too much lyrism. I need 11/8 bars, short pieces, modal tones, polyrhythmics measures".

At 19, a friend of mine came at home and gave me some CDs which were mainly progressive music. And there were two Magma CDs: Attahk and Retrospectiw 1-2.

I started to listen carefully and it was a revelation !

In two months, i bought all the Magma Cd's, and finally spent some time to listen Kohntarkosz , MDK, Wurdah
Itah... which doesn't seem to be easy-listening music for a first step in the Kobaian universe.

It was 1990 and Magma wasn't touring in those days (i didn't even know Offering).

So I hoped that, one day, Magma would play live again, but when and where ? ... I had to see Magma Live !

The 15th of June 1991, Christian Vander came to play in Marseille with the trio. I went to the concert, but i was disappointed, it was "Jazz". Fortunately, Christian did a wonderful 40 minutes drums solo. I talk a bit to Christian after the concert and asked "Magma will play live again soon" ? "Magma is not dead" he said to me.

In February 1992, Christian Vander came again with the trio, and I could spent an hour with him after the gig, drinking beers and speaking drums technique in a jazz club in Aix En Provence. "Magma is not dead" he said again. He came to play in the same place in March 1994.

But I still wanted to see Magma live and couldn't wait for it !

Then a friend called me in June 1998 to inform me that Magma was playing a short concert in a festival in Carmaux (a 5 hour drive from Marseille).

The 25th July 1998, I attended my very first show of MAGMA !

Since, I've seen Magma about 20 times, mostly in Paris and south Of France. I'm still a big fan of Frank Zappa, RIO and progressive music, but I know that Magma gives me emotions I don't find with the other bands that I used to listen to.

In every concert, it's a wonderful trip, with strong feelings.

Now, I say to myself that we have to experience Magma Live every time when possible, because Christian will not be able to play drums until 90 years old. So CARPE DIEM !

Congratulations on your blog !


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