Friday, October 9, 2009

Magma - Vevey, Switzerland - October 8, 2009

Here is a review of the concert from our friend, Akoustikus:

Excellent concert last night in Vevey, Switzerland. Bruno's Rhodes solo was completely different from the one I heard last May. The man can surely improvise. The version of Hhai was one of the most savage I've heard. From then on, the rest of the show was very intense, with Vander taking a lot of risks (yes, he did fail once or twice, but who cares). Same setlist as usual, but no Ballade.

I spoke to Bubu and James after the show, and they were both pleased with it. Some information about E-R: Mixing is done and it has gone to the factory, so the CD will definitely be released November 5th. James's brother did the cover art. A lot of singers and piano players are featured: Manu, Bruno and Vander himself as well as Benoît (vibraphones are keyboards, right Marc?).

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