Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Message to the Readers of this Blog

On Monday, October 26th, I will start a new job with a hedge fund in New York City. We are starting a new series of businesses that will compete in the Investment Banking business. What this means is that I will be working long hours, and I will not have as much time to moderate the blog as I have had in the past few months.

1) Comments in this blog are moderated. What this means is that, when you post a comment to my blog, I am notified by Gmail. I then choose to accept the comment, or if the comment is really spam, then I reject the comment. I am not sure if I will have access to Gmail during working hours. If I don't, then you are going to wait until I get home until I approve your comment. If you do not see your comment appear on the blog right away, please do not continually keep reposting your comment.

2) I will not be spending the day searching for rare Magma things on the Internet. This means that I will be relying on the contributions of others.

On a positive note, Magma fan Dana Lawrence sent me a package of copies of articles for me to post on the blog. I will slowly be posting these over the next week or two. Many of these scans from from long-time Magma fan, Alex Kraus, and these include articles from Germany and Holland.

Thanks for your patience.



  1. Great Marc! Good luck for your new job.

  2. As I don't if my previous message did get through: Again, thanks a lot for all your efforts, Marc! Highly appreciated!

    Also: I’ve tried to buy all back issues of the Muzik Zeuhl magazine and send an e-mail to the address mentioned on the website but received no reply so far. Does anyone know a better way to get in touch with the editor/s or some source for buying those magazines? Thanks a lot for your help!!