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Magma - Bobino 1981

Thanks to Akoustikus for these. From Rock et Folk No. 174 (July 1981). The Google Translation follows:

Nearly three weeks before a public Bobino thunderous and enthusiastic, making the group as a whole and to Christian Vander in particular an ovation of several minutes, shouting to the technical impossibility of a second recall after more than one hundred fifty minutes of blaze ecstatic, dramatic tension and joy mixed: thus begins the "Phase 2", and beauty!

Magma remains, Magma is immortal and not more than politics, aesthetics, the revolution there. Magma expands, the volcanic explosion has resulted in a smooth crater. The lines remain the same: energy, power, dynamic scanning, etc ... Only a few tricks superfluous, some accessories have changed: from worst to first. Let's talk costumes. We regret the sober evening gowns Molten Live 76; the MAGMET are little more at ease in bees that Bourvil, and they are less laughter. White should still best to their type of beauty. Let's talk about the singers. Like Genesis, Magma had a tremendous in his drawers, he emerges from the shadows, it will never be another, as it seems to be the only one who knows what singing means Magma. He did is take a little comfort, but since it acquired Klaus had succeeded. Behind Christian Guy Khalifa is an honorable lining which offers the advantage of being an excellent pianist still under-exploited.While the new group was then just run - his very first concert - but it already appears as one of the richest and most complete, already equal to those of Magma or Mekanik; gradually Dominique Bertram (bass) is put at ease about Jean-Luc Chevalier, he is the guitarist seeking that Magma from brief passages or Engel Olmos. With the brothers Guillard is also the big return of Christian Vander brass which can not fail to give a greater role in the future.

Regarding the music and spirit, "Phase 2" is the result of what the great shift of hatred to serenity that marked the last years of the group and which so far in the evolution of bravura (cf. the different states of Theuz Hamtaak) and now leads a Music least inhumane and therefore may be more spiritual in every sense of the term.

Magma does not deny anything, he just matured, and it still is still one of the most formidable "orkestra" of the universe.

JM Bailleux
Rock & Folk # 174 - June 1981

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