Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Dutch Fan's First Magma Experience

(Thanks to my old Soulseek friend Dapnhe for her account....)

A few years ago, I visited my good friend Leendert, who is a composer and music fan. I always had a kind of eclectic taste to music, resulting in listening only to Zappa, Beethoven Razumovski's and Simon and Garfunkel's Concert in Central Park. And Leendert proposed to present me some of his finest music so I sat down and listened. Nine inch nails. Zawinul. Feutus. Hmm. Not it.

So Leedert told me to present me one minute of music "that would definetely blow my mind". That was the first minute of Kontarkosz and the onset of my addiction to Magma. It's a memorable moment we both cherish.

Years later, we both first time visited a Magma show in Le Triton. The hall silenced, the stage ready. "HAMTAI". We cried like two teenage Yes-fans ;-)

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