Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Can Someone Write a Review of Magma in London ?

... and maybe post it here? We all would love to know what kind of experience Londoners had with our favorite band of Kobaians.


  1. Hi Marc
    Im working on it. Magma were excellent and I had great seats - 8th row just left of Christian. Superb sound for Magma 100 mins or so. Im really bad with Magma song names but in reverse order the encore was Kobaia, the last song was Emehnteht-Re and the preceding one was Felicite Thosz. There were two shorter pieces predeeding that. I'll try and do more but Im at work at the moment. My friend took some pictures which Id like to share with the group. How do I contact you off the blog? Regds

  2. Thanks!

    Email is magmasystems at gmail dot com

    The set-list might have been

    1) Slag Tanz
    2) Felicite Thosz
    3) E-R
    4) Kobaia

    At least, that was the set-list that they played at the RIO Festival.

  3. i was there, great gig though i thought the sound was not good at all.

  4. I didn't think this was a great show at all.
    The last time I saw Magma (Nancy 2007) they had a lot more instrumental 'muscle' than this line up demonstrated last night. This was most noticable to me during Hhai & Zombies, both of which came across as somewhat empty & listless by comparison to versions I saw in Nancy.
    It wasn't helped by a bad sound mix which seemed to rob Busonnet's bass of all it's power & obscured James' guitar. The power & majesty of Magma at their best seemed a long way away last night.
    Only my opinion....

  5. One of the finest sets I've ever see them play. Sat near the front you could FEEL the full on Zeuhl force. A version of Felicitie Thosz even the blogmaster may have been impressed with! My semi-interested listening companion said it was much better than the shows we saw in Paris last February, and actually said she enjoyed it!

  6. I was sitting right in front of Steve A - from there the sound was great, you could hear the bass particularly well and the angle of the seating was spot on so you could see everyone's facial expressions and little inter-band communications etc (in Paris I ended up with neck ache from having to lean back the whole time!).

    I'll put a proper review on my LJ when I get round to it - still writing up RIOfest, oh dear!!

    Thank you very much for putting up my 'discovering Magma' story by the way! :-) Whilst I'm writing this, I should have asked when I sent it in, but could you take my surname out of the heading? Many thanks!

  7. I was disappointed with this concert; whereas in the past magma integrated the vocals with some great instrumental solos - and where the jazz influence was at its greatest and most enjoyable (at least for me) - this incarnation of the band was overly vocal based for me, and the final song before the encore (43 minutes - it seemed even longer than that!) was a too-long song too far for me.

  8. This was my first taste of Magma live. Though only a recent convert I was looking forward to this with great excitement and I wasn't disappointed. Had some doubts about the new line-up and the new material previously but they blew me away.
    The sound was good from where I was sitting (in the middle of the fifth row).
    Loved Hhai with Vander's wonderful vocals and especially the final 10 minutes or so of E-R, which was up there with the best of the classic stuff in terms of intensity and sheer power.
    Looking forward to the new album and my next chance to catch them live.

  9. There's a review of the concert here