Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Peter Theilen's First Experience With Magma

One saturday around 1977 I was hanging out at "Rather Ripped Records" in Berkeley CA... I would go here almost every weekend back in the day.

In the store they were playing something that just blew me away, it was hard and brutal and went faster and faster - never heard anyhing quite like that before. Walked up to the counter to see what was on and it was Udu Wudu, they were playing "De Futura".

Well, I'd already blown all my money on other LPs that day, so I didn't buy it... plus it was pretty weird, I mean, wasn't sure what kind of mileage I would get out of it. But after I got home I kept thinking about that album... "De Futura" kept playing in my head. About mid-week I decided that the following weekend when I went to Rather Ripped, that Magma album would be mine.

As bad luck would have it, the following Saturday the store had no more copies of Udu Wudu :-( Instead, they talked me into getting the double "Live" album --they had a used copy even so I got it pretty cheap. It took a few plays to warm up to, but after a couple weeks I had to have more Magma... I think my next ones were Kohntarkosz & 1001C (still sold out of Udu Wudu...) but eventually I got them all. Except the 1st album. I never found a copy of that (until years later when it came out on CD).

There you have it

Peter T

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