Saturday, October 17, 2009

This is My Favorite Part of E-R

Can someone translate any interesting into English???


  1. They 're & You're so Great for Us.....Merci.

  2. CV: ... And think that perhaps you can anticipate compared to that
    B: In any case, i will play front
    CV: Yes, you play it front
    B: Anf in the idea, it's necessary t otake it on the syncope
    CV: One takes on the syncope thinking that it can be more incisor

    Bubu's playing

    CV: Then?
    B: Don't know...
    CV: You wanna listen to ?
    B: Yeah... Or then i remake it
    CV: You wanna remake it... OK, we're gonna try to remake it

    Bubu's playing

    CV: That's not the worth
    B: Yeah...
    CV: The end?
    B: i perhaps will remake it, i missed some tricks
    CV: I think we can do better
    B: OK, i remake it
    CV: What?... We remake it... well swing and quite malicious

    Bubu's playing

    B: it looks like...
    CV: more malicious, hehe
    B: "laughing"
    CV: It depends if you wanted to tighten it
    B: A little bit rotted if possible
    CV: Not bad no ?
    B: Yeah, i think, that can be heard

  3. Awesome clip! Mad bass playing. I can't wait to watch the whole DVD.