Saturday, October 31, 2009

Best No. 38 - September 1971

Pop-France / Gibus Club

Getting increasingly popular and attracting many spectators also growing. It seems that is now over the period where only English bands manage to complete the hat. Do not dream, however, claiming that Magma has received the hearing it deserves because we're not there yet. The success of Magma is a success then he should be able to reach the stage victory. Over the months, the progression of Magma can be summarized simply: "It is increasingly difficult. While showing a rather exceptional richness in music, the group has a second advantage, moreover, necessary to make a good group with a large group: the Impact. The viewer comes out of a concert of Magma, whether loved or hated, needs to recognize that something has happened. Even if sometimes, the audience seemed a little confused (which is due to the wealth offered by the group), they never remain long indifferent. Another feature of success: the few seconds between the end pieces and applause. One has the impression that the public seeks to catch his breath, to recover before occur (with conviction). Magma can be summarized and need not be, but the simple word "violence" gives a fair idea of the band's music. Those who still doubt need only look at the great shows they have learned: a vision of disaster after a fiery tongue, evoking both the talons of a hawk and a mushroom cloud. Let us wait until the Americans discover Magma before venturing to say that holes have a large group? Will he have to that "Tendei Magma" reached the Top 30, Top 20 or in any other classification, as long as it is obedience to the Anglo-Saxon, that Magma can rotate regularly? Do we must await the moment when, tired from work too often, the musicians decide to separate support for the "stars" to find the two excellent albums already made? In short, when Magma will he recognized at fair value, that of one of the most exciting today? From July 8 to September 11, the group has been without work is that of France (end of argument).

Returning to Gibus itself (paragraph Magma has been achieved at their last visit, 6, 7 and 8 July), regretting that this item can not be content that I had originally intended. Article "incomplete" because I hoped to include the program of many celebrations that will mark the opening of the season 71-72. A default program, but I can give you half board: call 700-78-88 and ask for any information of interest on the parts groups. Third Ear Band and Mott the Hoople are two groups that should occur in September. This is not bad, but as there are many others you can get an idea of what can be program. In addition to these groups, you will also have the privilege, say a chance (to be modest), to meet members of the editorial staff or (if you prefer) of the drafting committee told the newspaper.

Dear readers, it only remains for me to affix my name at the bottom of these columns to complete this monument that journalism is the "Pop France", after which I can enjoy the free spirit and serene, a great glass of pink (as you know, beyond, the main drink Best).

Joking, I remind you that you can write to me with concert dates, I suggest a particular topic, send me any information on the French pop. Soon with a Pop France a little more responsible, do not forget the guide next visit in a month.

Jean-Paul Commin
Best No. 38 - September 1971

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