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Magma - Best No. 29 - Decmber 1970

The next few posts will contain scans that Alex Kraus sent to Dana Lawrence a few years ago. These scans are probably third or fourth generation, so I apologize for the quality.

I will try to post these in chronological order, starting from 1970. In some cases, Alex labeled the magazine and the data that the articles were from.


Christian Vander and his rhythms. - Kobaia, Aira, Malaria, Sohi, Sckxyss, Aura, Thaud Zaïa Nau Ektila, Stoah, Muh, Magma. Recently, one of our colleagues, specialist music, but especially in a hurry, called magma "bomb" in French pop. He could have added Atomic.

This music really extraordinary (in the sense of the term) could be played by musicians at (x) talent (s) some (s). And Magma brings together the best musicians in France, musicians confirmed long ago. Those who we play Magma (see the topics listed above) in their double album (Philips, GU - Stereo - mono, 6395.001 / 002), recorded in April 1970, are none other than: Christian Vander on drums and vocals, Claude Engel on guitar, flute and vocals, piano Francois Cahen, Francis Moze (hello!) on bass, Teddy Lasry on soprano sax, flute, various winds (ouch!), Alain Charlery on trumpet and percussion, Richard Raux for alto and tenor saxes, and finally Klaus Blasquiz on vocals and percussion.

Not to sound pretentious, Magma claims that his music is inspired by John Coltrane, but it actually had little relevance. Magma is the music of Magma, and musicians can only play it. Haunting, supernatural, this music touches us deeply, we sometimes feel stirs up lust, never straying into the paths of hackneyed bad taste and ambition.

Magma is not only double album "Magma" is also the music of a film out soon, titled "24 hours only. Topics totally different from "Magma", music that integrates perfectly with the film images, real magic of sound and light.

Magma, it would be useless to explain their music with his comparisons, influences, ambitions, lyricism and poetry "emerges" it would be useless to decompose, analyze their music theme by theme, notes note: it would be criminal to try to explain anything. We'll see, we listen, we're going, without trying to understand. And ended sentences sounding lyrical-political-sociological.

Jean-Noel Oguz
Best No. 29 - December 1970

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