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Magma with Deep Purple - Best No. 29 - December 1970

The next scan is from 1970. There are two reviews here of a Deep Purple concert where Magma (playing as a group named Transition) opened.

The Google translation follows.

Transition stage

From our correspondents

Deep Purple in Lyon

Well, if you spoke of Deep Purple in Lyon. Follow me. Back in the past. It happens October 25. One Sunday at 15h00. At the 8th Theater.

At the beginning, not the Deep is Transition. A French group. And Transition is Magma least some types.And then, one finds pleasure, Teddy Lasry (flute), Francis Moze (bass), Claude Engel (solo), Francis Cahen (piano) and Christian Vander (drums), and is roughly what owls do. It sounds a bit like Magma, of course. That is to say that it is both jazz and pop and that is quite original. A very rudely miscible. They were able to digest all their influences, then these coconuts for offering complex music, rich colors that gradually the public enthusiasm, however, rebuffed in the opening minutes. Transition bathed in relaxation and it can judge the quality of everyone in the improvisations. Two songs are performed during which the culture of jazz musicians is any evident particularly among Cahen and Lasry, driving melodic curves. And Vander is a remarkable drummer. Fine, subtle. Without cinema. A follower of slides on the bottom bearing. The other is defending not bad either, Transition is bath. And it is quite cheered by what the room full ...

Following is the intermission ... And it carves a piece of steak and everyone goes his little argument with lots of pop culture, yeah, it's less violent than Noise, Less Bad ... confused ... And time goes tick tock. And we rolled a few. And the Deep, well he can not. It starts to growl viciously, Y has little chicks that are the vagaries in their corner because of that. It gives me a tear in his eye. Then we are told that the Deep, he mistook the hour, four o'clock and five o'clock, but it happens .. And it's true, 'cause ten minutes later, ben v'là on the scene, the Deep. The chicks just dry their tears ... , It crushes our butts in speed ... and it left my Quiqui! ...

Hoo, well, is not a joke, man! ... To start, just to put in the bath, Gillan sent crashing up the microphone. And after that the trapping force. "Speed King", "Child Time," "Into the Fire". It's up huge. It reflects both the detonation and the frenzy full of dynamite, while waterfalls, convulsions, tremors, falling, flow, big purr frenzied, turbulent, Sometimes, CA is convulsing, it winds, it was love, it undulates Sometimes it chokes, AC is broken up, it weeps ... From the beautiful book, Surge sounds kneaded, pressed Stretch marks in all directions. Quartering. Arrachements. Avulsions. Scattering in the violence, madness. Rythmes pumped. All the virulence of an eruption of sound. Chaos and whirlpools. Waves swell to reach amplitudes heartbreaking. Amplifiers thoroughly. And here and there, relaxations, the vacillations, reliefs. The organ is spreading a layer languorous. And the voice tortured, acrid Gillan creeps by spasms, at first simply to sail adrift. Soon to dash, deafen. With all his anger. Returns and setbacks. Tangles. Rumblings. Screams.

Then, "Black Night", very extended, "Paint it Black", "Mandrake root". Ibid. Jet multiple panic on ultra-fast speeds. With Blackmore making the high-flying job in Soli extraordinary distortion - ca bleats, moos, laughs, it cries, it screams. rugit, ça fait tout à la fois. roars, it does everything at once. With John Lord stuffed full - which ventures into every style, here, the Marseillaise, jazz, and there, Bach's musette. Basking, immobility, Elan tumbles. Gust, explosions, screams, sirens, is apocalyptic, Ca whining from all sides in a persistent haunting, astounding. There are those who compare it to the thunderous noise of the city, in despair Mechanized which is a throbbing city not know, but it's huge, monstrous .... Only no shade in this passion, along with drummer solo Paice has the support of "Paint it Black" Technically very good, inspirational part, boring. Variations on the theme of the locomotive is known ...

And this "Mandrake root" finish off the service! ... A real spark. From his shaken. Cumshot bathed in an explosion of light flashes uninterrupted. Intersections, entanglements of all voices, Interference without restraint. That fuse is full, and disperses, sank to recover soon. Music that brutalizes, violent music with the look of musicians, ghosts in disjointed flashes of light crude, Nightmare. ... It's Deep and all that!

Should that I added that if he is Deep in Lyon on 25 October, bin thanks to a nice lady named Luce Melite, and defends the pop, and that acting really for AC, in Zappa December, February Zeppelin, Pink Floyd in April-May, the Who and one of these days, that's what she promised us in the future. Hein, who would take a lot of little ladies like that, by province and elsewhere ...

Corresponding from Lyon.

Zoo at Elboeuf

Theoretically, Monday, November 2nd, we had the chance to attend the show of Deep Purple has Elbeuf, only here it is: not finding the French public quite to their liking, these dear gentlemen have not found it necessary to continue their tour. Ainsi sont-ils allés à Lyon, Sochaux, Mulhouse. Thus they went to Lyon, Sochaux, Mulhouse. après quoi, Ils ont annulé, leur contrat au Havre, Elbeuf et Brest. then, they have canceled their contract in Le Havre, Brest and Elbeuf. Nevertheless, they still agreed to the Musicorama 1 November at the Olympia. Admit that their success - quite merit that matter - has not "arranged" in terms of politeness!

Fortunately, the organizer of the gala Elbeuf is not a man to be apart for so little that night, instead of Deep Purple, we had the zoo, the first part of the show is ensured, as before, by transition.

Eleven hundred people attended the show, there were many boys who had emerged from their dusty wigs behind barns; it was so long that they had not had the opportunity to do so.

But let's talk about the show itself, the curtain opened - this way of speaking, since it was already open - on Transitions. In the dictionary pop, Transition = abbreviation for Magma. Weird, is not it? I mean is that the transitions are Magma, three of their elements. We find François Cahen on piano, Teddy Lasry flute, Christian Vander on drums, Francis Moze, on bass and Claude Engel on guitar solo. With the absence of Klaus, almost all of their recital was instrumental. They opened fire on three of their compositions, which at first may seem built quite jazz, but finally have some continuity. These three pieces succeeded adaptations very personal Santana and Jimi Hendrix,. For a quarter of an hour, Claude Engel showed us his talent in making a guitar solo, I think I can say now without me wrong, that is a world class guitarist.

Finally, their show is very diverse, as is the interpretation of "Blue Rondo a la Turca", up to a chorus of yowling cats pissing with a shot of leeks in the room. He who has the opportunity to follow the transitions in their tour could be done and a small vegetable garden, since they had already launched Carrot Havre!

Then came the Zoo; remember - although it is most needed now - the composition of the orchestra: Daniel Carlet violin, tenor saxophone; Michel Ripoche, trombone, violin, Hervé Michel, bass; Andre Herve, organ, vibraphone , guitar, accordion Christian Deneau, drummer; Michel Bonnecarrère, guitar, and Ian Douglas Bellamus, singer

That, say their show? Other than I have already talked so much! They performed compositions by Michel Bonnecarrère remarkable, pieces that are on their last 33 laps: "City Breakdown," "Endless Words". " I shall be free" , but also oldies their debut. Each member of the Zoo is a show all by himself Ian Douglas Bellamus fights with his microphone, Michel Hervé fights with his bass, as has Andre Herve him, he fights with his Hammond organ. In this battle, is also a musician who is the winner, which earned him finish the show at the piano. Note also the unforgettable violin solo by Michel Ripoche.

In conclusion, it is clear that he would have been nice to see and hear Deep Purple, but ultimately the show, as it was designed, was not done to displease many.

Corresponding from Rouen.

BEST N ° 29 - December 1970

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