Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Magma - La Rochelle - Nov 11, 1978 - A New Recording Unearthed

Here it is. On DIME. And, as the mighty Hanwaker says:

I love it when people finally start digging in their shoeboxes...

La Rochelle, France
November 11th, 1978

Source : EX+ quality audience MASTER.

Lineage : JVC stereo mic -> JVC stereo 1635 cassette recorder -> master tape played on Nakamichi Dragon-> Sony MDS JE-520 MD recorder (for track splitting, edits) -> Optical cable -> Pioneer PDR 609 stand alone CD burner -> wav -> EAC -> FLAC Frontend level 8 align on sector boundaries -> FLAC

Disc one (1:04:41)
101. Retrovison (20:25)
102. The Last Seven Minutes? (11:26)
103. Ourgon & Gogro -> Ptah (32:50)

Disc two (1:00:37)
201. Hhai (11:26)
202. Nono -> MDK (40:23)
203. Why This Man ? (8:49)

Total time : 2:05:18

Actually Dime rules admit the use of MD as long as the original concert was on a cassette tape. My friend finkployd49 numerized my tape on MD 10 years ago ; in those days we had no choice, because we didn't have proper computers or software to do that. In the meantime, the original tape was exposed to 10 years of demagnetization... Honestly, using MD was the best solution.

THE CONTEXT : a little story I'm trying to remember ; a misty night on the harbour, the sound of the swell on the sailing boat hulls, a spectral atmosphere in the city streets, a very good beginnig to the Magma concert. I knew a little the organisation staff, and as far I can remember, because I went to 5 different Magma concerts between La Rochelle and Bordeaux (I'm not completely sure if it was this one), the organisation didn't book a hotel for the musicians at the end of the concert!

A few of us proposed our proper home for the musicians. Honestly (at the same time) I was thinking how much my friends would be jealous when they would know that Klaus Blasquiz or Christian Vander stayed at my home. But I was impressed too by the perspective to have them (hôtes de qualité, n'est-il pas ?) in my modest house. Anyway. At the end, the staff found a solution for all of the musiciens. See you, Magma...

Recorded by Erathostene
Seeded by Erathostene

Thanks to my friend finkployd49 for helping me to build this torrent !

Enjoy the music, don't sell it (or buy it) on e-bay. Support the artists.

Sorry no artwork, feel free to make one.


  1. Interesting record, but what are those two untitled songs?

    This period looks like "Bourges 1979" or other records from this time in which I heard some sort of "soli" songs with StundHer, Urgon / Gorgo, etc ....

    Some more informations (names of untitled songs and line-up) would be great if someone knows that !

  2. Tracklist updated courtesy of Olvator