Tuesday, October 20, 2009

DIME - Christian Vander Trio 1986-11-20 Bel Air, Mulhouse, France

Here it is.

Christian Vander Trio
Bel Air, Mulhouse, France

Here, the respected Zeuhl drummer of Magma and Offering fame exercises his skills in an acoustic jazz trio. I suspect that his fellow musicians are Emmanuel Borghi (Piano) and Philippe Dardelle (Bass), but I don't know for sure. Can anyone confirm?

1. Tuning Up (:36)
2. Track 02 (5:25)
3. Track 03 (13:46)
4. Track 04 (8:41)
5. Track 05 (5:10)
6. Track 06 (10:18)
7. Track 07 (18:57)
8. Track 08 (10:53)
9. Track 09 (11:08)
10. Track 10 (5:22)(track cuts off)

I got this recording when tape trading in the early 1990's.

The quality of this audience recording is B+.

TDK SA90> Pioneer CT-W53OR> Audacity 1.2.6> wave> FLACFrontend> flac


  1. Christian Vander Trio
    Vander, Francis Lockwood, Alby Cullaz

    19-11-86 L'Ange d'Or, Strasbourg (first concert after creation of 7th Records)
    20-11-86 Bel Air, Mulhouse [a]
    22-11-86 Caveau des Trinitaires, Metz [v]

    I got the info from Ork Alarm's Magma on tour database.
    I tried to confirm this vith the Metz concert two days later, but I'm not absolutely sure because my copy of the video is very poor and they don't speak to the audience.

  2. marc ,

    the city is Mulhouse not Mulouse !

    with a "h" , please !

  3. 1986 = I Think Francis Lockwood & Frédéric Briet


  4. the upload here is a 1 st gen copy of nadir53 master which has been on dime 2 years ago.. so what you are actually spreading is not the best recording available go see the discussion on dime..
    maybe marc it is wise to wait some time when stuff shows up on dime to see where the discussion there leads too
    sorry i do not have the original files


  5. As you know, Hanwaker, this was not my upload. I am just the messenger in this case....