Friday, October 16, 2009

Guitars et Claviers Magazine - Feb 1989

Thanks once again to Akoustikus. Google Translation follows.

Vander pianissimo

To mark the release of his new album "To Love", Christian Vander, child and successor of Magma, accompanied by his ten musicians, I appointed the Group Offering, happened on stage last month. For this comeback, Seventh Records (his label since the beginning) publishes a sixty minute video, "Une homme, un batterie ..." ; And the first four of Magma LP on CD. Namely: "Magma", "1001 degrees ..."," Köhntarkösz "and" Mekanïk ... "(with unpublished). "To Love", the "last great little" is an album of solo piano that is in the purest tradition Vandérienne. He always uses "his" compositional technique that is based on a melody at the piano to get to a final tune cleverly developed. He offers us this as a work of astonishing purity, and above all very simple. It is therefore likely to surprise once again lay, as the most jaded of his followers, hitherto accustomed to drummer Vander, transformed this time into a Vander pianist, composing his tracks "like home" - to use his expression - that is to say, as after an exhausting two-hour concert.

That which we like to recognize the temperament of "poet-scientist" (he even invented his own language, Kobaïen) has a bright future ahead of him before repeating.

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