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Magma - Best No. 29 - Decmber 1970

A big slap

Olympia. Saturday, October 17, 1970, 18 h 30. You were not there and that's unfortunate.

In the hall, a thousand friends, the team of "Hair", the nightlife of the "Rock and Roll Circus" and a delegation of "Best" it was a foregone conclusion for musicians of Magma. But who cares it, we knew that this would be fantastic, extra foot, etc.., But you are ignorant and you do not come. And quite sad it's so stupid.

Magma is a big slap across the face and a slap to all the brilliant French group first, which can now change jobs. And do not tell me that "Magma is a kind of pop music "; Magma is music and that's all.

I want to stop the prose here, but I pity your ignorance. Although it is difficult to express in words that only the heart and the senses can feel in the face of such a spectacle.

Never name any group has also found suitable for the music he plays, it's free-pop, free jazz, hard rock, rock it all the labels you kindly paste, but you've never heard that. Yet the group is relatively classical: a piano, tenor sax, a clarinet or a flute, a trumpet or bongos, a guitar effective, discreet and knowing how to use the wah-wah properly (rare) a first fill bassist, singer anything but charming, and ... Christian Vander.

Their double album released by Philips in April, left me speechless, but on stage is an entirely different dimension. On the backdrop, in the middle stands a large blood red sun, all musicians have a dark suit with fringes which turns from green to blue following the inspiration of the lighting, service, except Klaus, singer, impressive with his long black hair falling over a spotless robe of the finest effect.

Magma has played all songs from his album (which does in fact form a) with only a break of five minutes too long. Magma played Kobaïa, went to Kobaïa, Magma has led us to this planet, we were a thousand to follow and some to achieve. If you have the joy (oh how, every time, renewed!) To own the disc, you know the theme of Magma, otherwise, well, buy it immediately. No, but you do not think I'll tell you everything! But first, finish even when the article, you make me happy.

Magma's music is completely indescribable and indefinable, and this is not derogatory, quite the contrary, it saves me a deep analysis that I leave to sociologists scribblers of "pop music". Result of ambiguous melodies, riffs very short, short solos, etc.. No, it's definitely possible, we must see, must hear, must feel.We must especially admire the existing best drummer, Christian Vander, Magma real catalyst, initiating topics, stopping the machine, restarting the whole with a dexterity and strength uncommon.

And then there's the language used, the only downside for some may be. It is a language of their own, such as music, which reflects both the roar of the beast, the hysterical cry of birds and the hum of the jungle. Blasquiz Klaus sings beautifully, his voice hoarse and shrill, literally "party" for the trip to Magma, the unknown planet.

Magma provided us with a joy that no music at the moment can give us the joy of hearing the sublime joy of having witnessed an unforgettable spectacle, the joy of knowing that you can listen Finally something other than soup.

Without a "joint" of any kind, Magma sent us to Kobaia, and it is very beautiful, Kobaia.

A very bland appetizers we had proposed the day before the arrival of Magma. Journey him, we have not carried very far (it's easy, okay, but it's so good ), and despite Magma, this group of ... (see the section of their fan Hervé Muller) has still left a nice impression. Except for a bassist and a planter absent nails on drums (both Americans, well, curious), the votes are in place, the guitarist will not defend evil, sax and flute have listened to many Roland Kirk, but the whole is decidedly wobbly. Without bass or drums, is John Mayall's "Turning Point" without the master, of course. That trip is a rhythm to the "Cactus" and we'll talk about will.

You will continue "Best" later, will soon listen to Magma.

Jean-Noel Oguz.
Best No. 29 - December 1970

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