Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Magma Recording on DIME - London Oct 6, 2009

Magmasystems Note

Thanks to the anonymous taper who sent me this recording of the Magma show at the Barbican. I am uploading it for him. There are some scans and photos that can be found at the Kohntarkosz blog (

One thing to notice ... Magma did not play the final "funeral" section of E-R that night. That's why E-R only clocks in at 43 minutes.


Magma - London, Barbican. 06 October 2009

"Celestial Mass"

Audience Master/FLAC

Sound: Very Good

Location: Row 8, Slightly to the left - about 3 meters from the front of the stage. Superb!

Source: Sony ECM-719 mic > Edirol R-09HR (44.1 Wav, 16 bit, Low Cut - off, Limiter - off, mic gain - Low, plug in power - on)
> Adobe Audition > TLH > FLACS > Zip > You.

Set list:
Disc 1 - 39:34
1) Slag Tanz 12:11
2) Felicite Thosz 27:20
Disc 2 - 57:03
3) E-R 43:46
4) Band introductions 1:45
5) Kobaia (Encore) 11:29

Line Up: -
Christian vander - Drums, Vocals
Stella Linon - Vocals & Percussion
Isabelle Feuillebois - Vocals & Percussion
Herve Aknin - Vocals & Percussion
Bruno Ruder - Fender Rhodes
Benoit Alziary - vibraphone
James MacGraw - Guitar
Phillippe Bussonnet - Bass

With: Chrome Hoof & JP Massiera.

Recorded by SA
Enjoy! Don't sell.

A Genuine Space Rock Preservation Society Master Stereo Recording. SRPS CD116/7


  1. So where is the download link?


  3. Hi, Marc Thanks to You & Anonymous' Dime UL..The sound recording is very clear (just listening)& the sound bass' Bussonnet ran away..Perhaps some London fan could explain us this not usual missing (I don't think that's coming from this recording)..Barbican Center is so bulky ?...B.C.was full people or less..? Ciao, ciao...

  4. Rodolphe,

    A few people have said that the sound was not so good at the Barbican. This place is mostly used for classical music concerts, I think. Maybe the hall is not set up for deep bass?

    I think that the concert hall was full, because some people had a difficult time to buy tickets.

  5. I sure hope the funeral section is on the album. Why is Stella listed as Stella Linon?

  6. It's the same setlist of the May, 27 bootleg concert in Tokyo I've in flac, good sound too. But mine has E-R which lasts 54 min (complete version, I think). I can't download this other, it demands to login.

  7. Akoustikus had remembered me that in the bootleg live in Tokyo the second encore was "Ballade".
    Anyway I've seen E-R split in 2, 3 and 5. How it will be split on the official release, someone knows?