Monday, September 28, 2009

Christian Vander - Gibus 1971

My friend Barfix sent me this remarkable photo to me several weeks ago, but for some reason, I forgot to post it. It was given to him by a person who was the bouncer at the Gibus. This bouncer saw a Magma medallion around the neck of Barfix one day, and gave him this souvenir.

(The folks at the Zeuhl and Beyond like this photo so much that they decided to make it the new banner for their blog.)


  1. nice picture, nice blog Marc, keep going on ! I may look for some "material" at home, I have a document from 30th annyversary (a A4-format sort of program)

  2. Thanks, Fatcat. It's a bit difficult to find new Magma material from this side of the Atlantic. But with all of the people now trying to look through their closets to find their old souvenirs, I feel that some great discoveries will come to us soon.