Tuesday, September 29, 2009

RIO Festival 1978 - Handwritten Booklet from Chris Cutler

Another "petit cadeau" from our friend, Steve Davis. This booklet is something that Cutler put together for the first Rock In Opposition Festival in London in March 1978.

I know that this blog is basically devoted to Magma and Zeuhl, but most of the readers of this blog also share a love for RIO-type music. So, I thought that everyone would be interested in this booklet.

Many years ago, I used to correspond with Chris Cutler. Every two months or so, I would receive a nice hand-written letter from Chris, with his musings on music and politics. I was only a teenager at the time, so I probably didn't see the gold that was contained in those letters. It's a shame that I threw out all of this correspondence years ago in one of my periodic purges of my music-related junk. I bet that Steve Feigenbaum still has his old letters!

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  1. a truly historic document, in full glory. fantastic. thank you steve and marc!