Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Color Version of Theusz Hamtaahk Video 1976

Thanks very much to Akoustikus from Geneva. This is a color version of the "Mystery Video". Olvator posted a black and white version on YouTube last week, and Akoustikus went through his video collection to bring us a color version.

We think that the original comes from the video collection of a guy named Georges Piganau. If Georges is reading this .... please consider sharing some of your work with the fans around the world who love Magma.

(Update - JC Alluin says that this video was filmed in Antibes, October 9th 1976)


  1. there is a better version in .vob in dvd 4 which is on slsk.

  2. Et Jean-Christophe Alluin a absolument raison...