Friday, September 25, 2009

A Big Magma Mystery - A Video from 1974 ???

When I was at Chez Steve Davis this week, I took a look at some of the photos that the late Paul Mummery has accumulated. These two photos were labeled "1974-05-08", which is the date that Magma played in Frejus, France. Frejus is a town that is close to Cannes and Nice.

The photos look like a snapshot of a television program or video. Also, look at the "6" logo at the top-right corner. This looks like the logo from a television station.

So, perhaps somebody filmed this concert for a TV broadcast or for a video release.

If there is video footage from 1974, it would be an incredible find.

Can anyone shed some light on this? Is there a TV station that has this logo? Can some Magma footage be sitting in the archives of some TV station in France?

Update - It looks like the logo is from French music channel M6. Thanks to Hanwaker and Olmain. Now, we have to find out if M6 has this footage of Magma.


  1. ..the TV station is called MUSIC 6 hence the M behind the six...
    if this was more than just a snapshot of the show than i wonder why we do not have it as i think channel logos did not start in europe until the 90s.. when everybody and their grandma's owned a VCR...can someone confirm this is really 74 from the looks of it ??

  2. Hanwaker,

    Paul Mummery was very exact when it came to dates. It certainly looks like Top from the 1974 era.... especially if you match up how Top looks with the photos that Rapideye has.

  3. this video is probably from '74,Top 's face just look like in that time...
    but the pictures probably come from some extract of live used in a tvshow about magma.
    M6 is a french channel create in 1987.
    you can't find some of the M6 interview of magma on daylimotion and youtube...maybe this pictures come from one of these...

  4. i think we have this... isn´t that a snapshot of the short M6 snippet that featured "archival" material from a show with Janik? I have a copy of that in b/w, it is only 5 seconds of the 76 line-up with Top ripping through Theusz Hamtaahk I believe. There should be more of that, I am pretty sure

  5. Olvator,

    I don't think i have this clip. Any chance that you can post it on YouTube?

  6. here is a link to what i have....looks like 76 with top and lockwood in the group

  7. oh, and just a sidenote: several eyewitnesses that I have met reported that they believe to remember that the show they attended at the Castellet in 1976 was also professionally filmed with several cameras....

  8. I was both at Frejus in august 1974 and in Le Castellet in 1976 !

    as far as I remember , I didn't seen cameras in Frejus ! long time ago so not sure ; but I was second rank so if they were some people filming I think I remember !

    I don't remember cameras for Le Castellet but "normally" it was entirely professionally filmed with several cameras !

    but I never saw something filmed from this festival !

    the question is " who filmed this festival ? Where are the footages ?"

    the project was to realize a real musical movie as it was realised in Woodstock !

    Of course , these 2 sets were just incredible !

    maybe the 2 best performances of Magma I was there ! Probably "open air" effect !

    We talked about Le Castellet here :

  9. I'm french and i know most of the hardcore fans of magma in France, including Isshen who have hundreds videos of Magma.
    This video has never been in trade. And nobody saw this video circulating.
    I think the only solution is to spend hours and hours at the INA loking for it. But you have to be an "accredited" journalist i think.

    One day, i tried for a Zappa video. And it's impossible to enter into "the bunker".

  10. Seems to be similar as an old archive of mine....