Saturday, September 26, 2009

Video Help Wanted for Akoustikus and Willy

The way that the Magma community has come together on this video mystery has brought a tear to my eye. As I have said many times, part of what we hope to accomplish with this blog and the Zeuhl and Beyond blog is to attract Magma fans from all over the world who might have rarities in their closets and need help in sharing these artifacts with other Magma fans. We need to be able to document Magma properly, especially the early years, where not many souvenirs exist.

Mr. Akoustikus need our help to digitize and share some of his videos. In a comment earlier, he wrote the following (I edited this a little bit for grammar and spelling):

This snippet comes from "Culture Rock - 1975", broadcast by French channel M6 around 1994. The mention of "document amateur" (not pro) tends to indicate that it comes from a private collection and has nothing to do with the INA. Georges Piganau - friend of CV and redactor in charge of - is mentioned in the final credits.

My guess is that he owns it or even filmed it himself. I'm sure Georges filmed Magma concerts, since CV mentions him and the problem of editing concert films here:

I do own it first gen but I have no clue how to post it. Any help?

I am not very good with video, so would someone be able to help Mr. Akoustikus?

Mr. Akoustikus .... can you let us know what format your film is in (VHS, 8mm, digital)?

Also, Mr. Willy is starting to post some snippets from his collection on YouTube.

The best way to encode videos from VHS is in VOB format. If you want to, you share the videos on Soulseek. You can limit the sharing to the users on your customized userlist. Or, if you are REALLY feeling generous, you can upload the video to DIME. Our dear "UncleMeat" has offered to be the Koordinatuhr, if anyone need help.


  1. On video formats :
    DO NOT encode to lossy formats if you can avoid it ! If you intend to digitize a VHS, please choose .vob, NOT .avi

    On audio formats (again) :
    DO NOT encode to lossy formats (mp3) if you can avoid it ! Please use .flac

    Sharing via Bittorrent (e.g DIME) or Soulseek is also preferable : on Rapidshare (and co), you would have to chop files up, since there is a limitation in size, and sometimes one can't piece them back together well, since frames sometimes go missing.

    If you need information on sharing, publicly or privately, your hidden audio and video treasures, you may contact the Köördinätöhr (yours truly, unclemeat) by PM on the usual Magma forums and blogs, or on Dime.

  2. All my videos are available for unclemeat, who is a very good friend of mine for about 20 years.... and who lives in a small town 15 km far from my home.
    However, i gave to unclemeat almost all my videos two or three years ago.

  3. I still have it on VHS but also on DVD (VOB files, probably). I would be glad to send it to whoever wants to do the job.

  4. Hi Akoustikus,

    If you have the VOB files, then there is nothing you really need to do other than to share it.

    If you can contact me privately by email (magmasystems at gmail) then we can start the process.