Friday, September 4, 2009

Emehnteht-Re Mystery

When the E-R CD is released in two months, the mystery will be solved. But, it is fun to speculate. The question is:

Who is on the CD? Will it be Emmanuel Borghi on keyboards and Antoine/Himiko Paganotti on vocals? Or did Vander re-record all of the keyboard and vocals tracks with the new members?

And, if Vander re-recorded the tracks, was it because E-R has changed since the original recording, or because he does not want to pay royalties to ex-members?

What is your opinion? You can respond in any language. Even French!


  1. They released Live in Tokyo long time after Borghi & Co had left so I don't think there is any royalty problem, and I don't think they have time/money to re-record music just because some people left. So the CD will have many musicians :) Just my opinion, of course.


    Hey Marc,

    Most likely, any of the members performing for the recording would be paid a one time fee for their performance whether or not it appeared on the eventual release. They would receive no further royalties unless contracted to.

    Is Magma a democratic organization or Vander's starship?

    My guess is that everyone receives a salary based on live performance rather than the earnings of the recordings.

    Ask Stella, she runs the biz.


  3. I hope that parts from former and new members are there together. At least it would be intresting to hear how it would sound.

    I believe that there's far greater things that determine the whole process of E-Re than worrying about somebodys royalties.

  4. Here's hoping that the original studio recording of E-RĂȘ from circa 1976 will also be included (a fragment of which appears as a bonus in the "Udu Wudu" CD). Does anyone know if that complete (45') studio recording, mentioned once by Klaus Blasquiz in an interview, really does exist ?