Friday, September 4, 2009

Troc 1972 French FM Radio - Released on DIME

This is a recording that the French gentlemen made (the same one who recorded Magma at Chateauvallon in 1972). Out dear Uncle Meat did the transfer and posted it on DIME.

PARIS, France
Maison de la Radio
circa 1972

01 Light your wait (6:27) [?]
02 Did you ever (6:21)

Line-up :
André Ceccarelli (d)
Alex Ligertwood (v)
Francis Moze (b) [or Jannick Top ?]
Henri Giordano (k)
Jacky Giraudo (g)

Radio (France Inter, ca 1972) > microphone near speaker > reel-to-reel (prob. 1st gen) > wav > flac
Uploaded by Uncle Meat, 2009