Friday, September 25, 2009

The Mystery is Solved (thanks to Olvator)


  1. you are welcome. as I said on youtube already some of the european VHS collectors might have this snippet in real good quality, even if it is only a few seconds, it would be nice to find a clean copy. this has always (at least amongst the german traders i used to know) been kind of the holy grail footage to score down. the energy is terrific as you can see for yourself. I wonder where this is coming from. M6 must obviously have had access to this at one point in time. We would need to find out who directed the whole documentary to get any further with this matter.

  2. in France the "INA" is the national institut for collecting audio and video diffused in the contry since many decade...
    I think all the old video used on tv new and report are coming from the INA...
    since 2006 the ina encode thousands of video and begin a buyable diffusion on is web site : (I know you can buy the "pop2" with magma from the 70'...)

    Of course only few part of the archive was transfered actually,
    but reffering to the french wiki page of INA there is 100 000 tv show documents digitally transfered, and seems to be possible to commande a document on dvd support (if you known the exact reference, and if they already digitalised it..!!!)

  3. This snippet comes from "Culture Rock - 1975", broadcasted by french channel M6 around 1994. The mention "document amateur" (not pro) tends to indicate that it comes from a private collection and has nothing to do vith the INA. Georges Piganau - friend of CV and redactor in charge of - is mentionned in the final credits. My guess is that he owns it or even filmed it himself. I'm sure Georges filmed Magma concerts, since CV mentions him and the problem of editing concert films here:

    I do own it first gen but I have no clue how to post it. Any help?