Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Review of the RIO festival 2009 - Part 5

The next day, Monday September 22nd, Steve and I left the hotel at 5:30 in the morning with two hours of sleep under our belts. We walked through the town of Albi in pitch dark, found the railroad station without the benefit of a car ride, and took the 6:14 Am train to Toulouse. A 1.5 hour flight and we were back in Gatwick. Steve drove me to his amazing apartment, I took a two hour nap, then headed into London to take my son out to dinner. That night, I was a guest DJ on Steve’s weekly radio show on Phoenix FM, a small 50-watt radio station based in Brentwood, England. Steve plays RIO and progressive music on his show every Monday from 10PM to Midnight, GMT. You can listen to this show by going to

The next morning, we went out to some breakfast, and Steve very kindly drove me 50 miles to Heathrow. Both of us had an absolutely incredible time over the past 5 days, and we are both making plans to attend the next RIO Festival in Carmaux. The music was only one half of the fun. We loved meeting people from all over the world who share our singular passion for Zeuhl and RIO music. There are only a few thousand of us in the world. Every time we get together, it is a special occasion.

(End of Review)


  1. excellent review , Marc !

    I love all the details you give !

    it was a pleasure to meet Steve and you !

    next year , you'll speak french anyway !

  2. Great to read about your festival experience. I vicariously got a sense of the weekend's Zeuhlish aroma.

    So Present and UZ were limited to only an hour each? Outrageous! I would have torn the place apart. Especially after I'd had a few bottles of good French wine in me. ;)


  3. thanx for all your impressions Marc, hope we see us next time you come here or a come in USA ! fatcat