Thursday, September 24, 2009

E-R Mysteries Solved

A reliable source has told the Kohntarkosz blog these two pieces of information concerning the release of E-R:

1) Emanuel Borghi's keyboard parts have remained intact. Bruno Ruder was also used on the CD, so there are two keyboard players on the recording.

2) The vocals of the Paganottis have also been kept, but only the background vocals. Christian and Herve have re-recorded the lead vocals.


  1. I didn't say Bruno Ruder didn't play at all on the cd, I just sayed that Emanuel Borghi's part were kept. Please correct that, thanks :)

  2. When is it due out?

  3. It's supposed to be released on November 5th.

  4. Anyway I hope personnell includes the Vibraphonist. I heard E-R on a bootleg recorded in Tokyo, and Vibs sounded really cool!