Sunday, November 1, 2009

1974 - Clipping Announcing Holland Dates

This should help Steve and Akoustikus. This clipping announces several dates in Holland in 1974, and these dates are not on the Ork Alarm tour page.

Can someone help with the Dutch translation?


  1. Hi Marc
    Many Thanks for all the info. Is this 1974 or 1972? Heading says 74 file name says 72?

  2. Ignore the file name ... it's 1974

  3. Hello Marc,
    This article comes from a Dutch magazine called OOR, which still exists today byh the way. Also the clubs mentioned still exist, except from De Eland in Delft, which was closed in the nineties. The tour manager Dick Zwikker died in 2000 I believe.

    Magma to The Netherlands

    Highly interesting to our beloved readers is the coming of the French group Magma. A big article on this subject can be found in last episode of OOR. Dick Zwikker, manager of Supersister, Banzai and Third Eye (the group led by guitarist John Schuursma) contracted the group for a week and convinced six clubs to host them. The concerts -not to be missed- can be seen in Lantaren Rotterdam (may 21), Eland Delft (22), Paradiso Amsterdam (23), Rasa Utrecht (24), Paard van Troje in The Hague (25) and Bergen op Zoom (26).

  4. After the concert of Magma at the Music Meeting festival in The Netherlands (Nijmegen, may 22, 2010), I met the widow of Dick Zwikker, the man who initiated the tour of Magma in the Netherlands, We talked a bit about her late husband, who did so much for Magma in The Netherlands. This lady brought some "unique recordings of Magma with her to offer Christian Vander, about three vinyl discs (elpees) without covers or labels, which she carried in a plastic bag. First she was a little modest, but after a while I encouraged her to go to Vander. She told him about her late husband and gave him the records. Vander was touched and thanked her with sincere hugs. A friend of mine took pictures.

  5. That's a nice and intertesting story by Stormvogel. It seems the 3 white label records were not the only one at the Nijmegen concert. Right after the show I saw a about 30 years old woman (if I remember correctly) selling records near the entrance. Amongst those records was an original white label issue of kohntarkosz in a French label sleeve. It sold right under my eyes.
    Might she have been the daughter of Dick Zwikker?