Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Magma Speaks !!!!

Imagine my surprise when Steve Davis told me that Stella Vander had asked for my email address. And, another person told me that Stella had read each and every comment on this blog having to do with the interesting conversation that went on about Christian Vander and his alleged ideologies.

Stella would like me to keep the actual contents of her email private. Nevertheless, she made a very passionate argument in favor of Christian. She said emphatically that Christian was not a racist, nor harbored anti-Semitic feelings. Many people expressed the opinion that Stella would never comment on this recent controversy, but obviously, she felt the need to address this topic at this time. Still, there are some questions that remain unanswered, and I am hopeful that Stella will continue this productive dialog.

Stella also sent me comments/editorials that were written by various members of Magma. One was written by a female member of the current incarnation of Magma, and the other was written by one of the musicians, but echoing the feelings of the other members of the group. I am also expecting one or two other comments from musicians who are very close to the band.

I will post these comments in the next few days, and then I will close off comments to the blog for a day or two so that people can formulate intelligent and well-thought-out responses instead of reacting impulsively. As you know, the comments on this blog are moderated, and I might feel the need to be a little more strict on my moderation policies over the next few days.

Emmanuel Borghi has made his statements. The musicians of Magma have made theirs. There is much to consider.

After this, we will make no more mention of this topic on the Kohntarkosz blog, unless Stella or Christian themselves want to issue a public comment through this blog.

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