Sunday, November 1, 2009

December 1973 - Best No. 65 - Review of MDK

Magma is really something else. It is difficult to be precise because Magma abolishes all our habits: more labels, more comparisons possible. The music of Vander and his fellow night explodes fiercely in its originality. Another thing ... It seems to come of elsewhere, but we can not reach whether the choirs and the songs from beyond the world from a cold and distant planet or if they awaken in us, deep within us themselves, the echoes of who knows what eternal rites. Finally, it fails to grasp the art of Magma by images. The impressions that we offer are so foreign to our imagination in the cloistered habits, our poor words heavy with reality that only images can try to echo these strange harmonies. Magma is not to judge, criticize, is impossible at best can evoke, from afar, as a galactic explorer trying to describe the radio beautiful dreams of a new universe. More importantly, we must enter the temple and forced to live music that was the sacred place of worship millennium.

What more precisely, however, that "Mekanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh? A work, if not a masterpiece, surprise at a time in its history. Several times already we had heard in concert this impressive series, and each time she seemed different, she lived and she still lives, to change. Sometimes the horns in the ascendant, sometimes the flute Lasry. Here, the work has reached a lyrical flourish. Yes, lyrical, like an opera, the first lyrical rock truly deserve the name. The voice of Vander, Blasquiz, and gorgeous choruses to perform on their own space on this disc. Rhythms dry, often quaternary responses, a complex lyrical composition entirely due to Vander takes you far from the magic of these songs, incantations that extend the optical side 1 of "1001 ° centigrade, that is say they still reinforce the novelty of Magma and is one of the most current rock pioneers. As for music, she fiercely chanting the chorus: low buzzing, relentless drums, brass swirling. It is worth noting the excellent performance of Claude Olmos whose undulating guitar gives the whole dimension unreal. It's really fantastic.

Magma, once again, opened in our sphere of boredom and smoke, the breach of the dream. So that is a great disc to rhyme almost nothing compared to what it offers beyond. The work ...

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