Friday, November 27, 2009

A Response from Olvator

Dear Isabelle ( I assume that the “female member of the group” must be you) and dear other members of MAGMA…

I cannot begin to tell you how disappointed I am about your recent statements concerning the accusations that have been made.

Understandably, you have come forward with statements that defend yourselves. This is your given right, and you should do so, because you were never meant to be attacked personally. I am also unhappy about the fact that the discussion has turned towards the music itself or other members of Magma personally. Which is something that at least I have never wanted to happen.

I want to start off with telling you, very honestly, how important Magma has been to me in my life. Being a musician, the experience of Magma´s music has totally changed my life. It was a revelation, in all kinds of ways, musically, philosophically, and spiritually. I would not be the person I am today, be it not for the knowledge of Magma, and that is something I cannot erase from my life, I don´t want to erase it, I am thankful for it and I will carry it inside me for the rest of my life . So many things that Christian has said, especially about music and about "the Earth" are just so precious and very valid. All of your (and any ex-member of Magma´s) dedication to the music and the amount of energy and time you put into it is indisputable and that deserves to be respected. It is not what I talk about.

First off, this very statement of mine is also NOT about the accusations made by Manu, they were really only the tip of the iceberg. It is not that I don´t believe him, but his accusations are not relevant concerning what I want to say to you.

There are two things, which have repeatedly turned up during the recent “witch hunt” as you call it, that just cannot, I repeat, CANNOT be ignored. These are facts, and there is just no other way to look at them: first the citation of Joseph Goebbels (on both the first edition of the Trianon DVD and the MDK score) and secondly the use of a picture on the Bobino cover that is equivalent to the “Deutsches Stadion” (German Stadium) designed by Nazi chief architect Albert Speer. I was the one who first brought up the J.G. problem publicly on the Magma Yahoo forum as early as 2003. And it was not an easy decision to do so. Let us only talk about these two things, OK?
I want to know: how can you say that these things are lies and baseless? What proof do you still need that J.G. is Goebbels and that the picture in the Bobino cover is a reproduction of the "German stadium"? How can you close your eyes to the fact that these two things have sadly found their way into Magma´s history?
I just cannot accept that.

You might have said that you did really not know yourselves who J.G. was, or that the Bobino cover was a suggestion by some graphic designer and you just liked it without knowing where it came from. And you might have said that if so, "you are SORRY that it happened and apologize if it hurt anyone and will make sure that such things will not happen again"...but nothing. You don´t mention these things with ONE word, while at the same time you talk about spirituality, the pain of life, the struggle to keep up with it and the sadness of seeing the planet go down into ruins.

Now, maybe it is not such a big thing in France , I don´t know, and you might call it a “certain dose of provocation”, but I am from Germany , I have had to face my own people´s history and crimes throughout my whole life, and it is a very sensitive and problematic topic for me. One of my grandmothers and some more uncles & aunts were massacred by Nazis just for thinking differently, by the same people that have been singing the “Horst Wessel Lied” (the basis for the J.G. quote) while marching through the streets of German cities in the 30ties.

You say that it is "jealousy" or "lack of a life" which is the basis for speaking up. But you are completely wrong. The basis for speaking up is being severely hurt emotionally. And I ask you to respect that instead of trying to make me look like the idiot who only wants to harm Christian´s and Magma´s legacy out of boredom. This is not a "witch hunt" to destroy Magma. The opposite is the case. It is an attempt to SAVE Magma and to clarify what Magma stands for.

But you don´t say yes, and you don´t say no. Your statements are all valid, but not in any way taking positions about the actual debate. Of course you are hurt as well, I understand that and I am sad about it.

But it was my duty to speak up. I owe it to my relatives, I owe it to the millions of people that have been slaughtered because of a propaganda machine established by Goebbels and I owe it to myself and I even owe it to Magma and to what Magma means to thousands of people on this shattered planet.

Think about it. Why is this planet going down into ashes, why is money taking over everything and why is our struggle so tough? Because too many people choose to remain silent and to not speak up.

That is is why I did, and do now. If any of you want to get in touch with me, I am sure you can get my contacts from the admin of this blog. And as along as I do not get an excuse or an explanation of what has happened, I will quite naturally have to terminate my relationship with Magma. And I will, of course, continue to speak up! If that also causes you to label me as "your enemy", I am ready for it.


  1. We're seeing the limitations of the blog medium here - we need a Magma fan support group.

    Olve - everything for you seems to rest on the Horst Wessel lied quote and the Bobino images. But I imagine many (most?) people would interpret Magma's use of these words and images as involving irony.

    What seems to have happened is that you've been seized by the thought of the possibility that the music you love is made by people with the darkest intentions. That's a built-in possibility with all art, but it's a thought that goes nowhere, and is unsustainable.

    You say that the world is going to ashes because people aren't 'speaking up'. But one could just as well argue that the decline starts when a climate of jumping to conclusions comes about, as well as when people stop believing in the power of art.

    I'd be in favour of Marc deleting or at least updating the original post ('Some Words about the Recent Controversy with Vander') as the main post is misleading, with interpretations presented as 'facts'. The discussion afterwards got off on a sequence of wrong foots, and I can't see anything edifying about it.

    Those two messages from Magma are absolutely golden though.


  2. Chris,
    I do believe in the power of art. And I do believe in the power of Magma´s music.
    The reason why I focus on my two points is because they are not conclusions, nor interpretations presented as facts. They are real. And they deserve to be questioned.

  3. Olvator... I LOVE what you wrote, and I share it 100%.
    I'll write some words here tonight, both in french (for the Magma people to read it easily) and in english (although my linguistic skills are quite poor... but I want the other people here to be able to undestand also... except Chris, who seems to be unable to understand ;op ).

  4. Can someone give the English translation of the Goebbels quote?

    I'm wondering if the use of it(whatever it is) in the context of MDK is to convey the evil of the antagonist in the story?
    That could be a reasonable use of the quote.

    And who did the artwork for the Bobino cover?
    Who's idea was it?

  5. faut arrêter là !

    comment pouvez-vous imaginer que CV soit 1 néo - nazi ?

    faut arrêter vos conneries !

    çà fait plus de 30 berges que je connais CV !

    mon père est 1 authentique héros de la résistance !

    arrêtez vos délires , merdum !

  6. I can't express my self in a foreign language !

    so let's speak my language !

    français !

    Stella est juive ; donc , passation par la maman ,

    Julie est juive , non ?

    pensez à çà !

    je suis pas le dernier à flinguer !

    mais là -dessus , vous avez tord !

  7. Very well-written post, olvator. Even in the midst of this, I continue listening to Magma, but I agree, an explanation of is absolutely neccessary.

    That said, my own interpretation of this is that Christian Vander is indeed fascinated by certain aspects of Germany under Hitler. But I think his fascination is limited to the thought of a strong unit and certain visual aspects.

    I have to choose my words carefully here, as this is quite a delicate matter. But even as an ardent anti-Nazi, I admit that I too find certain visual aspects of this historic period very interesting.

    Please do note that by that, I only mean aspects such as the arcitecture, the "art" and so on, and mainly from a historic standpoint. I do NOT condone the horrible ideology they represent, but I CAN see why some people would be fascinated by this concept of a modern Roman Empire.

    I can also see why someone would be attracted to the idea of a unit striving to create a new world. ON PAPER, it is a beautiful idea. In reality, however, it will always lead to horrific actions.

    Again, please make sure you understand what I'm trying to say before replying - like the rest of you, I find Hitler to have been a mass murderer and a madman, and this era of German history to be one of the darkest periods of human history. Nazism is to be despised.

    I am not trying to defend Vander. That, he will have to do himself. But as a Magma fan, I wanted to get my take on this mess out there. To sum everything up:

    1) Yes, I believe that CV is fascinated with certain non-racial aspects of this historic period. And some of them have indeed shown up in Magma's body of work.

    2) No, I do NOT believe CV is Nazi or racist. Admittedly, all of this does paint the image of a man bordering on paranoia, but never before have I linked Magma's music to eugenics or the Holocaust.

    In conclusion, I think there is a line between artists and their art. Wagner was a raving anti-semite, Miles Davis has supposedly said less flattering things about white people etc. Still, their work is respected by a lot of people. If Vander truly believes in the idiotic abomination that is Nazism, it's his loss. But I will continue to admire his music as I do not think it acts as a vehicle of said ideology.

    Frederik Olsen
    (olzen on Magma - UZMK)

  8. In what way does this entry (and the comments to it) move the discussion forward? Raising the same points in a repetitious manner is unhelpful in the extreme. Roughly speaking, there are those who convinced (or at least highly suspicious) that Christian Vander nurses Nazi sympathies, and there are those who are giving him the benefit of the doubt, to one degree or another. There are those who are preparing to wash their hands of Magma, based on their interpretation of the available information, and there are those who see no problem in continuing to enjoy and support the music.

    In the absence of any further factual information, I don’t think there is anywhere else to go with this topic, and by now we will (most of us) have some idea of what feels right for us as individuals.

    I say, let’s agree to respect one another’s feelings and decisions on the matter, and move on.

  9. @Frederik & Melissa: Very well put. Thanks a lot for your posts which sums up everything perfectly and which I regard (for myself) as the final step in this discussion.

  10. Ahhhhhh…I recall when the group Japan released their TIN DRUM album that they had a publicity photo of the band in Chinese Mao style uniforms, complete with red stars. David Sylvian also sang:

    "Cantonese Boy, bang your tin drum.
    Cantonese boy, civilian soldier.
    Cantonese bay, bang your tin drum.
    Cantonese boy, red army calls you home."

    Now are we to assume that Mr. Sylvian is a Maoist, or that he is promoting communism???

    There are many artists who have drawn on nazi, communist, fascist, capitalist, religious, etc. images to use in their art. This does not mean that they are followers or supporters of the iconography they choose to use.

    In the words of the great Irish writer, Oscar Wilde, "All art is at once surface and symbol."

    ~ Ictus75

  11. You are right people, this discussion is going nowhere....It is starting just the same way again as it it did before in the other thread, because some people just don´t understand what I am looking for. I don´t want to hear whether Christian is a Nazi, or a racist. I have always said it is much too complicated a topic to generally say things like that.
    I am also not assuming that any band members are Nazis or racists, and that discussion is useless and is not at all what I have been wanting to hear. The only thing I want to hear from Seventh is an apology for the the use of the things described above on some of their products, that´s all. And it would have been nice to maybe hear from them that "they condemn any form of fascism". What is so hard to understand about it, why do you people always have to turn this into the silly "Christian must be a monster" theme?
    Useless indeed. We might just as well close the comments here Marc, I doubt that anything productive can result from it, and I also doubt that we will hear more from Seventh. I will continue this discussion with Seventh personally from now on, and also see this entry as my final step in it.
    But thanks for giving me the possibility in trying....

  12. i think i will stop reading that blog as long as these pointless discussions continue endlessly. Above is written "this blog celebrates the music of Magma and its founder CV", and it has now become a room for people being disappointed on a member from Magma's comments or angry about a cover. Relax, breathe, take a step back, enjoy life, and stop spending time on horseshit discussions. Did you notice that John Cleese was dressed as Hitler in some Monty Python's episodes ? I think we should ask him to go public on that also, maybe he's a real nazi... Come on guys, either you like Magma and let us share clever and interesting things on this topic, either you have a problem with it and do something else that will keep you happy and stop behaving as inquisition. Finally I think that "fanny from paris"s comments should be questioned since she's now become a specialist in putting "oil into the fire" on every magma forum for several weeks now, encouraging a kind of anti CV /witch hunt movement which i find personnally very questionable and would like to understand what are her hidden motives. Not sure she'll appreciate this message but, see, I can't see why she should permanently attack(h) personnally CV on blogs and forums while not being flagged as such. Cheers. Sahilttakh

  13. [version française plus bas]

    A witch-hunt everywhere on the web where it’s spoken about Magma and Christian Vander ? Waow, I didn’t knew I had such a power ! I think I should contact George Lucas or Steven Spielberg, so that they can do a movie about me !

    Let’s be serious for a while, please. I don’t care about what some of you can assume about my so-called “hidden interest”. I have none. I 100% share Olve’s questions and considerations. I just want to know :

    - Why do I have to be subjected to this ideology while listening to Magma, why one’s trying to make me an accomplice of it (I’m not talking about your so-called rumors – which I think to be founded on real facts, but that’s another topic to discuss – at all, I’m talking about facts : Goebbels’s quote, the Nuremberg stadium on the sleeve, the allusions to rexism, Vander seen explaining to a French hardcore fan I won’t name here how to find Nazis books you can’t buy in France, Vander trying to talk about Nazism to a good friend of mine while last Japanese tour, forcing him to leave because he didn’t want to hear that).

    - Why this silence from 7th ? Why no explanation (I can’t consider the mystic and uninterresting craps posted here as an explanation, they’re just clouding the issue and carefully avoiding the thick of this annoying thing, hiding behind aggressiveness and ad-hominem attacks while pretending to condemn this practice) ?

    I wish (but I think they’ll never be courageous enough to do it… too much money and other things at stake) 7th would take responsibility for all of this, would take a stand on this issue. Why carrying on bullshiting people ? I mean… we’re not all that stupid ! Some of us are a little bit historically educated !

    I’m sorry but I feel like I’ve been betrayed or cheated… I’ve been into this music for 10 years (I’m 28). I wrote about it to promote it, I made it be appreciated by many friends… I feel I’ve been made an accomplice. And it’s even worse for some of my friends (Marc is among them), and some of my closest friends here in Paris. We’re all peacefull people, far far away from these ideas. And moreover, several of us are jewish, or from jewish descent. This inevitably hurt us, sincerily, deeply !

    I don’t care if Christian is an asshole or a saint. It’s his private life, and doesn’t interest me. I only care if he tries to convey these ideas to me through his music. I don’t want to be exposed to them.

    By the way, Sahilttakh… I’m not hiding behind a pseudo. It’s easy to know who I am, it’s easy to contact me, I speak openly and I would do so looking in Christian Vander’s ou anyone from Magma’s eye if he wanted to. And, once again, I have no interest in all this controversy… What interest could I have ? Please feel free to explain.

    I fully and perfectly take every responsibility for what I wrote here and elsewhere, and for my convictions. I’m not answerable to anybody.

    Fanny from Paris

  14. Une chasse aux sorcières partout où l’on parle de Magma ou de Christian Vander sur le web ? Waow, je ne savais pas que j’avais un tel pouvoir ! Je devrais contacter George Lucas ou Steven Spielberg pour qu’ils fassent un film sur moi !

    Soyons sérieux un petit moment, s’il vous plaît. Je n’ai rien à faire de ce que certains de vous peuvent supposer de mon soi-disant « intérêt caché ». Je n’en ai aucun. Je partage à 100 % les questions et les considérations d’Olve, et je veux simplement savoir :

    - Pourquoi je dois subir cette idéologie en écoutant Magma, pourquoi on essaye de me faire complice de cela (je ne parle pas de vos soi-disant rumeurs – que je pense par ailleurs fondées, mais c’est une autre question – je parle de faits : la citation de Goebbels, le stade de Nuremberg sur la pochette, les allusions au rexisme, Vander qui explique à une fan française « hardcore », que je ne nommerai pas ici, comment trouver des livres nazis interdits à la vente en France, Vander essayant de parler de nazisme à un bon ami à moi pendant la dernière tournée au Japon, ce qu’il n’a pu éviter qu’en bloquant la discussion parce qu’il ne voulait pas entendre parler de ça).

    - Pourquoi ce silence de la part de 7th. Pourquoi cette absence d’explications (je ne peux pas considérer les vains délires mystiques qui ont été postés ici comme une explication, ils ne font que noyer le poisson et éviter le fond du sujet, en se cachant derrière l’agressivité et des attaques ad-hominem qu’ils prétendent par ailleurs condamner).

    J’aimerais (mais je pense qu’ils n’auront jamais le courage de le faire, trop d’argent et d’autres considérations en jeu) que Seventh assume tout cela et prenne position sur la question. Pourquoi continuer à prendre les gens pour des imbéciles ? Enfin ! Nous ne sommes pas tous si stupides que cela ! Certains d’entre nous ont tout de même un peu de culture historique !

    Désolée, mais je me sens trahie, prise pour une imbécile… J’ai été immergée dans cette musique pendant dix ans (j’ai 28 ans). J’ai écrit à son propos, pour la faire connaître. Je l’ai fait découvrir et apprécier par de nombreux amis… J’ai l’impression d’avoir été rendue complice. Et c’est bien pire pour certains de mes amis (dont Marc fait partie), pour certains de mes amis les plus proches ici à Paris. Nous sommes tous des gens pacifiques, à mille lieux de ces idées. Et, qui plus est, plusieurs d’entre nous sont juifs ou d’ascendance juive. Forcément, tout cela nous blesse, sincèrement, profondément !

    Je me moque que Christian soit un connard ou un saint. C’est sa vie privée et cela ne me regarde pas. Mais ce qui me soucie, c’est qu’il essaye de transmettre ces idées par la musique. Je ne veux pas y être exposée.

    Au fait, Sahilttakh… Je ne me cache pas derrière un pseudo. Il est facile de savoir qui je suis, il est facile de me contacter, je parle ouvertement et j’en dirais tout autant en regardant Christian ou n’importe quel autre membre de Magma droit dans les yeux, s’ils souhaitaient une discussion. Et encore une fois, je n’ai aucun intérêt dans cette controverse… quel intérêt pourrais-je d’ailleurs y avoir ? Ne te gêne pas pour me l’expliquer !

    J’assume parfaitement et entièrement toute la responsabilité de ce que j’ai écrit ici ou ailleurs, et de mes convictions. Je n’ai de compte à rendre à personne.

    Fanny from Paris

  15. I would have appreciated reading exactly what Stella said, since I think that is the only letter that matters. The posts from Isabelle and, I assume, James do not address any of the substance of the issues raised, but instead seek to diminish the comments made by former band member Manu. That is sort of telling; it seems it is the "best defense is a good offense" routine. Fact is, nothing of substance was addressed in the exchange of emails. The charges remain out there, and CV has not responded, letting Stella do so instead. If they hoped this was a way to settle the issue, they do not understand Crisis Management 101, and certainly Seventh has not been out in front of this issue. It is unsettled even now; the damage has been done.

    But. There seems to be several issues at play. One is Manu's comments. One is second-hand comments relative to CV's drunken tirades. One is reading the music and mythology for Nazi symbolism, and finding it. All of this is a perfect storm, but still these are unrelated, but related., issues. The discussion has morphed from starting by addressing Vander's comments about Jews to one that looks into his music and mythology (such as logos, choice od quotes on records and in lyrics) for documentation of his support of Nazi ideology. It may be that the one set of the other, but if Olvator has it right, and he seems to know, this was already an issue long before we had these latest outbursts from Vander and comments from Manu. I am not sure what to take from all of this.

    However, I will say that I do not think the letters from Magma really helped all that much. They don't get at the heart of the issue, and really only say, leave us alone to make this wonderful music. What has changed as a result?

  16. Everyone who has a problem with that stupid cover...and it is a very bad cover!
    Everyone who has a problem with the quote (which nobody has posted what the damn thing English that is)
    Everyone who thinks "I WANT AN APOLOGY!"


    A COVER and A QUOTE! Who cares? Do you really think it matters? The quote was used when? In the 70's and on that DVD for one pressing and then it's gone. I didn't even know about it until now!
    The cover is so bad, that I have laughed at it and thought it was the worst Magma cover of all of them.

    BUT, why should they apologize to you?
    Do you think it will be sincere?
    It's like telling someone that you're torturing to confess they are a witch and you'll stop...but when they do, you burn them.

    I have had many people try to talk to me about subjects I didn't want to talk about, that isn't new!
    And have you ever talked to a WWII buff?
    They are totally into all aspects of the war, maybe he's that way?

    If Hitler had been an artist, maybe none of that stuff would have ever happened?

    Just let them be "artists"

    I'm tired of these non-issues and everyone being offended by nothing!

  17. Well, that sure was informative, thanks. Did you bother reading the post just above yours?

  18. Yep, sure did.

    I figured I could give my opinion, seeing as there is freedom of speech...OH YEAH! I guess not everyone has that option anymore.

    I'll go back to listening to the music, while everyone figures out who goes on the chopping block next.


    it's done. Thanks to Manu, thanks to that discuss, blog and others forum. I won't applause and sings such lyrics NOW THAT I KNOW their smell. The purpose of Manu is not to destroy the band but to awake Consciousnesses. It's up to everyone to listen or not this music but With full knowledge of the facts...

    Yann from Paris and the dicuss

  20. Donner, c’est le non-attachement
    simplement ne s’attacher à rien, c’est donner

    Giving is non-attachment
    just not attached to anything is to give


  21. "It's up to everyone to listen or not this music but With full knowledge of the facts..." -Yann

    I would hardly call Manu's statements "facts". He's not the first ex-band member in music history to badmouth his former bandleader. Furthermore, there are a lot of odd contradictions at work here. Some of the more interesting ones:

    First of all, Lasry, Seffer, Cahen and Stella (and Julie) are all Jewish. And René Garber, Vander's right hand man on quite a number of releases, is black. I AM aware that only Stella remains in the band today, but Garber was part of Magma for many years, and Lasry rejoined the band during the Retrospektïw era. Garber also appeared on the documentary on the Trianon DVD, if I remember correctly. If Vander was truly a follower of Nazism and was as open about it as Manu suggests, I highly doubt these people would have been in the band as long as they did! I am not Jewish myself, but I sincerely doubt any Jewish person would wish to be in a band with a closet Nazi! Especially if the music is supposed to carry forth those beliefs.

    As for J.G., there's still a chance it might not be Joseph Goebbels. My reason for stating this is that I've found out the quote is NOT an actual line from Horst Wessel Lied. The closest I can find is "Comrades whom the Red Front and reactionaries shot dead / March in spirit within our ranks". The quote on the Trianon DVDs may be sourced from this, but the political message is nowhere to be found.

    Frankly, I think Olve and others are being a bit eager to jump to conclusions on this matter. No, I am NOT ruling out that J.G. may indeed be Joseph Goebbels (I hope it isn't, really), but the quote itself is NOT a verbatim Goebbels-quote, nor does it refer to Nazism as such. Before this has actually been confirmed by the person who put it on the products, this is like saying KISS are Nazis because they have the infamous "SS" in their logo.

    Frederik Olsen

  22. i don´t want to go there again olzen, but of course i think you are wrong about the possibility that J.G. is not who we say he is...i have explained this matter long and often enough, and if you want, you can check it out here on the blog.
    You too, seem to focus on the "he is a Nazi" or "he is a racist" theme and you try to rule it out by stating who has been jewish members of the band, or which black people CV hung out with. I have said before, it is not that easy and one dimensional, obviously not.

    Anyway what then do you think about the stadium?

    I guess I will have to do the forbidden thing and find myself some original Goebbels texts and present you with an actual copy of said quote in written form, but what then? I think the outcome would be the same. Some people will always doubt ALL of this, some peope will not.

    Believe me, I am not eager to jump at any of this and what I have been doing does not give me any personal satisfaction.

    Your comparison to put a double "s" in KISS onto the same level of controversy like the recent Magma topics is not very helpful, and cannot really be meant seriously, can it?

    Imagine this would have happened to you, and you would have "accidentally" put this on your product and someone "outed" you. HOW would YOU react?

  23. Olvator, the offending quote becomes pretty overdetermined when presented in the context of a piece of art: "the army of those who have fallen has not put down its weapons, it marches within the ranks of our soldiers". Taken out of context (which it is on the MDK score, etc), it says that the souls of dead soldiers live on amongst the ranks of living soldiers. The 'J.G' addition gives the hint that all is not as it seems. Searching for the source of the quote, the reader is left to discover that it appears to be a translation of the German national anthem during the Nazi years. Thus the thought that dead soldiers 'live on' in living soldiers (in 'our' soldiers) is taken to the limit, and we are forced to entertain disturbing thoughts about what happens to the souls of dead nazis. Within the context of the quote (a French translation of the German), it's not clear if the fallen even belong to the same side as 'our soldiers'. It's a grim ironic appropriation of an infamous song, and it is indeed unclear what the point of it is. My guess is it was meant to be provocative, and to cause a frisson of spiritual horror. The name 'Joy Division' was provocative in an analogous, though different way. Maybe Magma eventually removed the quote because it's too ghoulish and nightmarish in the light of the more positive, messianic aspects of the Kobaian myth, and/or because it's too close to historical actuality, and its addition further detracts from the 'possible/alternate worlds' scenarios of the trilogies?

  24. Its all well and good having letters from members of Magma but where is Vanders letter or explanation....either he cant think of an explanation without condeming himself or he cant be bothered dealing with us plebs.

  25. Hi,

    this topic seems like it will go on for ever and lead nowhere.
    BTW, I'm removing the translation (3 posts) I provided a week ago for a French article on Zao and Troc (posted on 4 Sept by Marc, a long time ago, I know, but I stumbled on it only on 24 Nov)... At least the moderator who approved it must have read it, if only him (Marc, is that you?).
    I was a newcomer on this blog, and very willing to participate. Well, I somehow changed my mind. Of course I knew I was working for nil but more than happy to give a hand especially as help was explicitly required. One or two simple words like "thank you" would have been most welcome...

    But two seconds of one's time seems too much to be asking for. You're obviously too busy discussing whether or not CV was in the bunker with Hitler and Eva Braun...

    Mail me if you actually want to read this article translated or any other stuff written in French which I will, if I have time enough, translate for free. Or ask Babelfish or Googletranslator, these angels never get miffed :)

    So long, jurors of Kobaia...


  26. Alex,

    This is Marc. So sorry. The fault is all mine. I have been so busy with my new job that I have not had time to breathe. Thank you for your efforts. If you decide to repost them, please let me know.


  27. Hi Marc,
    no worries, I'll repost them... Let me know if you need other texts to be translated. Cheers,

  28. Bon, on ne cite pas Goebbels par hasard. Ni Degrelle/Doutreligne. On n'appose pas REX par hasard (donc) sur les tranches des cds. Et quand on choisit un stade allemand pour "illustrer" une jaquette, ce n'est pas par hasard non plus. Et on ne peut plus, au bout de 40 ans, faire croire que les références au nazisme sont là par provocation non plus. NON ! On ne peut pas non plus faire impasse sur tout ça sans prendre les quelques uns d'un public qui s'interroge pour des cons finis. Les lettres de Magma sont immondes, pauvres de franchise, désolantes. Le pauvre petit Christian... et la pauvre Stella qui ne sait plus comment cacher tout ça (ce n'est plus si simple après les révélations de Manu et les divers témoignages postés ici)- qui ne sait plus comment dissimuler le vice caché du génial détenteur du secret des dieux. Que faire ? Diaboliser les détracteurs et taxer de stérilité le débat : le fan est suffisamment abruti pour avaler la pilule ! Eh bien non MAGMA Non ! "Souvent, vous le savez, on dit d'un grand artiste : à côté de son génie, c'était une vieille bête qui avait les idées les plus étroites." (Proust) Il est grand temps que Christian nous montre la démesure de son étroitesse ! Oui, qu'il nous conte en quoi Hitler est un grand homme, un "sauveur de l'humanité", qu'il ait la franchise et les couilles de ne pas y aller par 4 chemins, qu'on puisse apprécier TOUS ENSEMBLE l'étendue de sa fascination pour le gentil moustachu - & après (seulement après) on verra si on se marre. Ouais : seulement après, on verra s'il nous a convaincus.

    Parce que là, le coup du mec pris en flag la bite dans le chien et qui nie jusqu'à la mort, faut pas déconner...


  29. "Et on ne peut plus, au bout de 40 ans, faire croire que les références au nazisme sont là par provocation non plus. NON !"

    Pourquoi pas, exactement? Where did they cross the threshold? C'est une accumulation des faits, ou un fait en particulier?

    "Oui, qu'il nous conte en quoi Hitler est un grand homme, un "sauveur de l'humanité""

    Are these quotations or inferences you're drawing from other statements?

  30. Vous voulez une preuve ? Un fait avéré ?
    Facile ...
    Vander a joué au Japon !
    Et oui ...
    Vander à joué en Asie !

  31. Where are the nazi fans of magma ?