Saturday, November 14, 2009

Klaus Blasquiz - Grau du Roi - September 5, 1970 ????

From the blog of somebody named Jean-Claude, we have a link to one of his photos. (Thanks Olvator).

Jean-Claude labeled this "1971? arenes du Grau du Roi". Any more info would be appreciated. Ork Alarm has the following information listed about a venue called Grau du Roi.

1970-09-05 Le Grau-du-Roi, "Belin Biscuits" Contest

There is also another photo from Jean-Claude from this concert. It's a photo of Jean-Luc Ponty, and the caption says that JLP was a guest of Magma at this concert.

Update: Our friend Akoutikus sends proof of this concert in the two scans below:


  1. According to Rock & Folk n° 45 (October 1970) this is the correct date.
    The article mentions date, venue and the presence of J-L-Ponty (who played with Michel Graillier) but it doesn't say if he played with Magma.

    This show was a sort of contest sponsored by "Belin", a well-know brand of biscuits (see behind CV's back).

  2. Hello,

    I am Jean-Claude Paillous, born in 1945 and living in Toulouse, SW France.
    I am happy to see my pictures (K Blasquitz and JL Ponty) at Grau du Roi on your blog. Maked with 6X6 Rolleicord not equiped of light measure - others times !
    For the correct date, i don't know, in summer sure ...
    Whith my sympathy

    Cordialement, Jean-Claude

  3. Salut Jean-Claude,
    Merci de ces précisions!
    Hervé (Toulouse)

  4. Haha !

    ils sont là , les chtis gars de Toulouse !

    sont partout !

    magnifïk fotos , Jean-Claude !!!

    T'en as d'autres ?

    j'ai eu la chance de voir Ponty plusieurs fois , Magma env 120 ou 130 fois , je sais pas .....

    à ma connaissance , le Jean-Luc a pas joué avec Magma , ce soir -là !

    toi qui y était , tu peux nous dire s'il était guest ou pas de Magma ?

    et si tu te rappelles ....

    avec qui il s'est produit ce soir grau royal ?

  5. C'est pas Ponty mais Lockwood pour y telecharger Magma à Nancy en 2003