Saturday, November 14, 2009

Magma - January 29, 1976 - Salle Roger Salengro, Lille

Thanks to our friend Hanwaker for a link to some photos of Magma from a concert on January 29, 1976 in Lille. Ork Alarm says that this concert was actually on January 25.

This Picassa viewer actually links to the Picassa site of Magma fan John Sousmarin.

Also, Magma fan Philippe Andrieu has more info about this concert here.


  1. contact him via dime his user name is sousmarin

  2. well, the tape we have from this show is from the 25th of Jan 1976...I wonder where the photographer has his date from. If he still has his ticket stub, we might be wrong of course....

  3. Hi! SousMarin is speaking.

    Look at the end this page (click on my user name) : Rock and Folk.
    Look also at the last page of "ATEM" (no2, 15 janvier 1976). I think you have this book. It was a special "Entretiens avec Magma"

    The concert was first planned on the 25th.

    I note the date on my "planche contact" (don't know the english words)

    I have also very bad pics of :
    1981-08-02, Magma , Salle Robien, St Brieuc, France (web page on work)

    see you on 5th of december, Théâtre de l'Alhambra, Paris, France