Sunday, November 29, 2009

Magma - February 1974 - Eglise Saint-Rémi d'Ecaussines, Belgium

Thanks to Mr. Akoustikus. I am not sure of what "Extra Belgique" is, but this refers to a concert in February of 1974 in Eglise Saint-Rémi d'Ecaussines, Belgium. According to Ork Alarm, in 1974, Magma toured Belgium from February 11 to 19.


  1. Is there any place I can buy any of these Magma bootlegs? I was looking through Ork Alarm, and there were a few I'd be really interested in getting a hold of.

  2. The best place to get these are on DIME. ( You may be able to find links to others on the Zeuhl And Beyond blog.