Sunday, November 1, 2009

March 31 1973 - Poitiers

A few clippings from the newspaper Centre Press announcing the Magma gig at the Palais des Sports in Poitiers. This was one of the first gigs for Jannick Top in Magma. There seems to be a lot of confusion around these early dates, and correlating various recordings with the dates.

There does not seem to be a recording from this date. French fans ... please check your shoeboxes!


  1. What was the formation for Magma ? Definitely not the one on the picture...
    It says seven musicians but who ?

    Possibly CV, KB, Manderlier, Bikialo, Lembert & Garber but who could be the seventh ?

    Claude Olmos ? When did he play his first gig with the band ?

  2. Maybe Stella? But probably Olmos.

    According to Ork Alarm:

    C & S Vander, Blasquiz, Garber, Graillier, Lambert, Manderlier, Lasry, J. Top, C. Olmos

    Some pieces were either unreleased compositions or twisted improvisations (imagine a cross between Ëmëhntëht-Rê and Nëhèh)

    Some of the known titles were: Om Zanka, Gamma Anterïa, Wurdah Ïtah, Soï-Soï, Ptäh and MDK