Saturday, November 7, 2009

Magma On Tour - Download the PDF File

Our friend Akoustikus has been working on a bunch of corrections to the Magma Gig List that is available on Ork Alarm. He has graciously given us a copy of a PDF file, which everyone can feel free to download.

The document can be downloaded from here.

If anyone has any other corrections or additions, please let us know.


  1. Thanks for working on this list! First of all, don´t forget to also add the other´s researchers names, as they are on the Ork Alarm website :-)

    Some quick updates that caught my attention while scrolling through the list....

    - the so-called "Soussignac" 72 tape does in fact exist, but remains uncirculated. It is more likely recorded in November 72 though, given the line-up:(Vander, Blasquiz, Stündëhr, Manderlier, Lambert), the confusion surrounding this tape comes from the fact that is was reported to be recorded in the region of Charente, and Soussignac was the only confirmed gig in Charente during 72, but April seems very unlikely for this show.

    - The Toulouse (Theatre du Taur) sdb tape does exist but is not in circulation. It was not recorded in July, but on November 9th 1972

    - Paganotti did not leave the band after Roskilde 1976. There are pictures of him from the Castellet festival, as well as the tapes from Castellet and St. Martin de Re that clearly have him on bass. He must have been in the band for the few August shows as well.

    - Magma did not play at Roskilde Festival in 1979. I also still doubt that any of the german dates in 1979 really took place. I have never found an eyewitness to any of the shows. Several hardcore Magma fans from Hamburg say that there was never a Hamburg show in 1979, and also the rest of those german dates probably never took place. I guess the Switzerland dates did happen, the rest was cancelled.

    hope this helps, olvator

  2. Lembert didn't join the band until September 1972.
    Moze was on bass until late August.

  3. Thanks olvator, yes it helps. Sorry about using an old contributors list.

  4. By the way olvator, if you have heard those November 1972 tapes can you tell something about the setlist? I have almost no clue about it.

  5. zankaptah...

    I have not heard the Toulouse tape, no one has. It was found by a very dedicated Magma collector and a copy was given to CV, who has asked said Magma collector not to trade it, which I do understand. It should definitely become an AKT release, if you ask me.

    The info I have about these tapes are as follows:

    the setlist for Charente (aka Soussignac) 72 is:

    Undïa, Kï Iahl O Lîahk, Soï Soï, MDK

    the setlist for Toulouse 72 is (get ready!):

    Iri - Dotz Hundïn, Undïa, Kï Iahl O Lïahk, solo Manderlier, Soï Soï, Korusz, M.D.K., Klaus Kombalad

    now this is the fucking holy grail.....someone should put some pressure on Seventh and promise them that we all will buy a complete first pressing of 2000 CD´s, so that it makes sense to produce them....

  6. If Toulouse 72 has Dotz Hundin, I will die a happy man! ... if it ever gets released.

  7. Thank you so much ! Not really the repertoire I expected !
    And no K.A ? So the Gamma Anteria fragment on 'Inédits' remains as a mystery. What kind of piece is 'Iri' ? Total 'Inédit' for me.

  8. i think the Gamma Anteria snippet on Inedits must be from 1973...

    The Iri belongs to Dotz Hundin....not a seperate song.

    about KA: as far as I know the group started to work on Ka with Lambert on bass, but did not play or develop a proper live version of it before Top joined.

  9. Somes pieces of information :

    Gamma anteria on inédits record was taken from Aquarium sessions on February 1973.
    K.A was played in concert with JP Lembert in February (?) and March 1973 : Only K.A I & III.

    Iri is the second name of Dotsz Hundïn, finded in the tape of Toulouse 72.

    Memorizator aka JC Alluin

  10. Thanks for the info. On the lineup for the track there's Marc Fosset on guitar so I tought it must be November 1972. Could he still have played in the sessions in February '73 ?

  11. Marc Fosset arrive at the end of January73, not before.