Friday, September 4, 2009

Magma - Chateauvallon August 23, 1972 - Rare Tape Found

A French gentleman has come forward with a reel-to-reel tape collection that has been sitting in his closet for ages. This gentleman has a number of Magma shows from the mid 1970's that he personally recorded.

The first transfer from his tape collection has made its way to me, and this tape is of Magma at the Cheateauvallon Jazz Festival on August 23, 1972. The quality is good for that period of time ... certainly better than the Pont-de-Ce tape. It's also interesting to hear the crowd reaction when Magma starts playing Klaus Kombalad, as that song was used as the introduction for a popular French radio show at the time.

The French Gentleman has decided not to release it to the general public just yet. Reciprocity would be most welcome. We all hope that other Magma collectors will start to release some of their hidden treasures, either publicly or privately.

Here is the information:

01 Intro (Giorgio Gomelsky) (5:01)
02 Stöah (7:14)
03 ''Iss'' Lanseï Doïa (12:22)
04 Sowiloi (Soï-Soï) (9:36)
05 Ki Ïahl Ö Lïahk (13:40) >
06 Ptah (10:30)
07 Intro (2:31)
08 Mekanik Destruktiw Kommando (30:24)
09 Klaus Kombalad (4:52)

Total : 1h36

Christian Vander : drums
Klaus Blasquiz . vocals
Francis Moze : bass
Teddy Lasry : soprano sax, flute, derbouka
François Cahen : keyboards
Jean-Luc Manderlier : organ
Jeff Seffer : tenor sax

AUD > reel-to-reel (Scotch, 9.5 ips, master ?, mono) > wav (16/44) > flac


  1. apologies for my french , marc !

    but , in english , I just can't explain what I have to say !

    je compte aussi parmi les très rares veinards qui ont la chance d'avoir l'enregistrement de ce concert historique !

    Et bien que le son soit inégal (plus que correct pour du 1972 !) , quel document !

    dans le line-up , Giorgio Gomelsky tire la couverture à lui !

    Il est proprement (?) déchainé dans sa manière de présenter le groupe !

    Les copains qui ont effectué ce beau travail de numérisation aimeraient bien que certains qui ont des bandes dormant dans leur grenier se manifestent et fassent de même !

    Je crois savoir qu'incroyablement , même Christian Vander n'a pas cet enregistrement !

    Euh ..... faut lui faire passer , les gars !

    en prio !

    Mais j'imagine que c'est déjà fait !

  2. Can't wait (if the sound is good) ! :)

  3. The 1972 tapes have always been very interesting, especially the versions of M.D.K. !

    The setlist here is so mouth-watering !

  4. it was all taped by ORTF , so unless the tape has been 'borrowed' , which is quite possible , it is somewhere sleeping in the big round house.

  5. Thanks Anonymous. That's the problem with a lot more concerts. The entire Newport Jazz Festival was recorded in 1973, so the tapes of Magma must be sitting in a box somewhere. Probably the same thing goes for the Reading Festival in 1973, and for a lot of other festivals that Magma played at.