Monday, September 7, 2009

New, Sonically-Improved MDK available


On the French Magma forum, Ehn Deiss reports that he purchased this CD, and it was like "a blanket taken off of my speakers". Ehn Deiss is raving about the improved sound quality of this release, even surpassing the Japanese remasters.

Hopefully someone will be selling this CD at the RIO festival in Carmaux.


  1. Hi, speak about a CD ? & I have understood a LP (Mercury France ?), a reedit vinyl in April 2009 (180 gr)? Tell me what about...ciao, ciao...

  2. I am not sure, Rodolphe. I think it is supposed to be a CD that is packaged like an LP. I am note sure. But some people on the French Magma forum are goign to buy it today.

  3. Mercury have reedited 3 vinyls in heavy weight: the 1st double album, 1001° centigrades & MDK...On Amazon, it's look like a CD & its price make me pretty sûre about that..

  4. Apparently the MDK cd is out on Universal music, and comes in a "vinyl replica sleeve".