Friday, November 6, 2009

Magma - Bordeaux - November 25, 1972

Here are some amazing photos from the Alex Kraus collection. These photos were originally taken by French fan Pierre de Ramefort Patrick Veyssière .

Ork Alarm describes this concert as:

C & S Vander, Blasquiz, Garber, Lambert, Manderlier, G. Bikialo, M. Fosset
Palais des Sports, Bordeaux (Sigma 8 Festival) (with Storchhaus choir) (onstage at midnight)

It's fantastic to be able to show these rare photos from the very early period of Magma. Thanks to Alex and Pierre and Patrick.


  1. It's nice to see pictures from an era of Magma we know very little !
    You all know 'Gamma Anteria' on Inédits, so there must exist a live recording from this period, at least in Christian's personal archives.

  2. L'auteur de ces photos n'est pas Pierre De Ramefort mais Patrick Veyssière qui a donné ses originaux à Pierre.


  3. Great! There aren't many pictures of J-P. Lambert around.

  4. So no Fosset for that concert... I wonder who's there at the back behind Christian in the fourth photo ? There are Manderlier and Bikialo with their keyboards but who's the seated person who's face is behind Christian's ride cymbal ?